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About us

Our team is a community of NFT enthusiasts and Worms fans. We were very upset when Team17 abandoned the idea of creating a MetaWorms NFT project. Together, we decided to create our own Play-to-Earn game, with blackjack and hoo… breeding and leveling. The mechanics of the game will be different, but most importantly, we will try to convey its spirit and excitement, which will be driven by the opportunity to earn on each victory.

The core team consists of 6 specialists in different domains (NFT, cryptocurrencies, gamedev, game design, marketing). Whenever it is necessary, we attract freelancers to work on the project. If you have experience in game development and optimization, join our team and get in-game tokens that can be spent on upgrading NFT worms or exchanged for cryptocurrency.

If you want to support the project and make money, then try to have time to buy NFTs, which can give birth in the form of next-generation worms and generate in-game tokens on their own.

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NFT benefits

NFT Breeding

If you have two GEN0 worms of different genders, after starting the game, you will receive a new GEN1 worm. At first it will happen once every 2 weeks, and then more and more rarely. The attributes of new worms will be determined randomly.


There is no full staking, but even by keeping GEN0 worms, you will receive our tokens before the public launch of the game. The accumulated tokens can be spent on leveling up or sold.

Secondary Market Support

We plan to stimulate demand for NFTs after Mint through promotions and events. The game itself will also help do it, since NFTs will definitely be required to participate in it, which will be easiest to purchase on the secondary market.

Gamming NFTs

Each worm has certain characteristics that affect its survivability and effectiveness in melee and ranged combat. It will be possible to level up characteristics for in-game tokens.

NFTs Tokenomics

The in-game economy will be based on Worms tokens. Their value will be maintained by burning the tokens spent on leveling up the worms. We will also partly burn tokens received as an internal commission for winnings.

Gamming NFTs

The game will have a free mode with bonus tokens for the winner and a paid mode where participants will compete for a common pot. In the paid mode, 10% of the winnings will be charged as a commission to maintain the project.

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NFT Calendar

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Step 1 AUG-SEP

Step 2 OCT

Step 3 NOV 2022

Step 4 DEC 2022

Step 5 JAN 2023

Step 6 FEB 2023

Step 7 MAR-APR 2023

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Meet The Crew



The mastermind, PR-manager and founder of the project. Restless NFT collector and passionate fan of the original Worms game.


Co-Founder, CEO

An experienced crypto investor who has already swept NFT to the moon and back more than once. Project Manager.



A real technical guru who understands the depths of cryptography at a level inaccessible to most.



A tech monster capable of coding an original indie game overnight, unless being busy playing through the game of one of his colleagues.


Jack of all trades

Nobody knows exactly what Nathan does, but he is constantly busy. Perhaps the whole project is created by him alone, and all the others do nothing.



An original artist with extensive experience in game design and procrastination. Loves indie style and Bob Marley.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NFT Worms is the future Play2Earn games characters will evolve through a unique vision on the current state of our society. Worms are unique ERC-20 non-fungible tokens created on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT is unique.

You will be able to mint worms directly from our website. We recommend to use Metamask wallet. The Whitelist mint date and the public mint date we will announce on our Twitter and Discord.

We want to have a healthy community and a lot of Worms owners. You can mint a maximum of 3 NFTs per Wallet in the pre-sale and 3 in the public sale.

The most active area of our community is our Discord. We are also very active on Twitter. Throw us a follow and hop in the Discord to get more involved and earn a WL spot!

NO! The only time you will be asked to submit your wallet is when you receive a White List spot, and this will take place in our Discord. Please be careful of any links that are sent to you. The last thing we want is for our community members to be scammed!

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